Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I <3 Fashion!!

Professional Fashionista
Professional Fashionista by foreverandevermore featuring Versace shoes

Nail Polish Addict

I must admit--I'm a nail polish addict. Whenever I see a new shade I don't have I must get it! (you never know when you'll need it.. right ladies? ;p) Right now I'm loving dark colors. I'm alternating between dark red/silver/dark purple/dark blue. Even if my nail polish doesn't perfectly match my outfits for the week I feel that wearing nail polish gives you a certain edge on with your look for the day.
I don't buy the expensive brands because well...I'm a broke college student. Affordable is my favorite word right now! So what I do is buy the $1 nail polish at my local beauty supply store and I apply a basecoat to make it last long (totally works for me!! :D).
I'm really feeling print designs right now too btw. What to do next...zebra?cheetah? so hard! ;p off to do homework my FAVORITE thing to do...not. haha.
forever and evermore...rockin' my nail polishes!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Polyvore= <3

I love! My user name is foreverandevermore! Check it out! :)
forever and evermore... stylin'! ;)