Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Super Mario Bros.

Random: I miss playing Super Mario on my Super Nintendo! I love playing on the Wii but a little piece of me misses the old version. I was so obsessed my ringtone was the theme song..”du du du dud du du Duuu” that’s a weak attempt of typing up how the theme song goes whoops. haha.
So I’m still trying to find out ways of getting my hair to grow longer and be healthy. Meanwhile, I’ll just watch the youtube gurus try and see what works out for them. I don’t know if this is a good thing but I’m addicted to the internet now more than ever!  Homework is all the way at the bottom of the list (as you can see I’m desperately avoiding to start my hw by rambling on on this post lol)
On another note, I'm broke AND desperate to go shopping. I was window shopping on amazon and boy they have some cute AFFORDABLE stuff!!! I recently lost my favorite rings ;( I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!???!! They must have slipped off but they're gone now. So anyways I started looking and they have really cute ones on amazon. I'm debating whether to get a two finger ring that says my name or just a simple ring with a cute little heart. I know I said no more nail polishes but ahhh...I don't have any matte ones hehehe so I can go buy some (when I have money of course lol) I'm debating-- should I get the polish that you put over your reg nail polishes and then makes them matte or just buy a matte nail polish. decisions. decisions. 
forever and evermore…rambling on and on about nothing lol
BTW thanks tsehaikay. for being my follower!!! I really appreciate it! :)